Dynamic Customization

RubberStick offers complete customization and customization for the program insurance business. We provide functionality that supports your programs with a customized solution to fit the nuances of your business to make them more attractive and competitive in the marketplace. RubberStick provides a solution that can be white labelled and customized to fit your specifications. Our team and processes are developed around quickly evaluating and servicing your needs. We are in the solutions business.


Unlimited Functionality

Our solutions offer the ultimate in versatility and functionality with a dynamic range or pricing options to fit you specific business model and needs. We provide multiple business models that include an off-the-shelf solution with full functionality and a rich suite of features that are unsurpassed in the insurance technology industry. Syndicates, Managing General Agencies (MGAs), Program Administrators, Insurance Carriers, Coverholders and Reseller solutions as at cost-effective price point. Our out-of-the-box turnkey approach significantly reduces the investment and time to market on internal business analyst and IT resources required.


Unparalleled Commitment

Our experienced team of professionals understands insurance processing and terminology and has a wealth of knowledge in developing, delivering, and maintaining software solutions. We put this experience and knowledge to work for you to deliver an efficient and enjoyable experience from initial project scoping to long-term maintenance of our solutions. Our very responsive professionals will work with you as if we’re an extension of your company, ensuring that your solution addresses your unique and specific requirements. Count on us to deliver unparalleled customer service.


Rubbersticks success in software development is achieved when the solutions perform to specification, and more importantly when they’re used to their full potential. At Rubberstick, we’re proud to say that over a million workforce end-users, in thousands of deployments over two decades, have successfully used our applications to serve their enterprise and achieve their goals. Rubberstick provides a range of powerful pre-built and market-ready software solutions that you can private-label and quickly integrate into your sales, service and workflow automation processes. And, if you need a truly custom software solution for your enterprise, Rubbersitck has two decades of field-proven experience and expertise in new application development.



The RubberStick team delivers flexible, high-performance insurance processing solutions specifically designed to serve the unique needs of Lloyd’s Syndicates, Managing General Agencies (MGAs), Program Administrators, Insurance Carriers, Coverholders and Resellers. Our solution streamlines lifecycle process that includes the underwriting, rate, quote, submission, and issue process. Our solutions go beyond issuance to include post-issuance transactions such as endorsements, renewals, and cancellations. In addition, we provide solutions for analyzing and reporting on your valuable data. We provide a global multilingual and multi-currency solution for rating and policy issuance domestically and internationally, for all the major commercial lines of business, including Commercial Property, General Liability, Commercial Auto, Inland Marine, Crime, and BOP.

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